WWE 2K18 Download Guide

Below I will show you step by step / picture by picture how the WWE 2K18 downloader works

All downloaders works the same, WWE 2k18, WWE 2k17 and 2k16. This is only example of WWE 2k15 installing:


1. After choose your language (default is english) you will see this window:

download guide a

2. Click next and choose file extract destination:

download guide b

3. Download will beggining:

download guide c

4. Then you will be ask for human verification and write Licence Key (click on text to get licence key)

download guide 4

If you don’t know how to get licence key read How to download tutorial:

wwe 2k15 download help

5. After redeem key WWE 2k15 will be downloading and installing with success.

download guide d

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